Global Social Media Insights and Research

  • Korea Beauty Industry Outlook 2017
    15 November 2017

    New K-Beauty industry report analyzes consumer attitudes in Korea towards beauty and skincare. Localspeak uses social media analytics to understand the conversation and derive key insights on the Korean beauty consumer that can be used by brands to tailor products and to market in this region. Specific topic categories surfaced include anti-aging, skin whitening, fruit juice makeup, influencers, retail channels, and more.

  • Middle East Fashion Outlook
    24 October 2017

    In this industry outlook report, learn about MENA fashion industry trends, forecast for the future, social conversation, sentiment drivers, and much more.

  • Middle East Beauty Market Outlook 2017
    24 October 2017

    The beauty and personal care market in the Middle East is thriving, presenting new opportunities for both Western and niche indigenous brands.

    In this industry outlook report, understand the Middle East beauty and personal care market’s growth projections, consumer characteristics, and social media preferences. Learn about trends such as Natural/Organic/Halal products, the heightened importance of brand recognition and how up-and-comers can compete, and the significant role of online influencers and bloggers.